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April 24, 2007



I think it's just you. China doesn't have a problem with IP violation, it said so in China Daily earlier this week.


Well if it was in the China Daily then it must be true!

I'm just intrigued to know what the G stands for - Kentucky Fried G .....

Craig McMahon

Reminds me of something I saw in Nanjing =)


Shopgirl's Shanghai Blog


this doesnt surprise me at all


Craig, thanks for stopping by. That's Yong He Da Wang and is a very famous chain selling snacks and soya bean milk drinks. They have them in Shanghai and Beijing also, many branches.

Shopgirl, yes, it isn't really that surprising, just amusing because of how unsubtle it is!


Ha! What does the 'g' stand for? Kentucky Fried Gou?

I am Yiren

hallo found your link thru Shopgirl's Shanghai. haha i thought you were a gentleman by reading your previous comments until you said something about large breasts lol sooo shallow =)


What's the world coming too if a gentlemen can't talk about breasts without being labelled shallow... ;-)


Well, yes, CP you have a point, except that she is right, I AM shallow :-p


This reminds me of a link I was given last summer - if you have time check out http://badgas.co.uk/chicken/. Apparently you don't need to go all the way to china to find copy-cats (copy-hens?)

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