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March 22, 2007



Your guess is definitely right about wikipedia. Before it was unblocked and then blocked again, I was able to access wikipedia with a MAC file from their website. With this MAC my computer could automatically switch to a proxy server from wikipedia. (very convenient indeed) Not anymore though. Urgh...


Chubby, you can still access Wikipedia through the Gollum browser:


And Anonymouse also works. I guess you know that though.


I read your earlier post a few days ago and breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that I could once again access one of the best sites for information on the Web. Until I tried to access it today. Grrrrrr!!

I also read yesterday that the government is planning to crack down on foreign mapping in China, citing a security risk. I fear I may not be able to access the wonderful Google Earth for much longer. That said, I'm yet to meet any drivers here who can read maps, so there probably isn't too much for them to get worried about yet!

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